Men often look for ways to please their partners. Getting rock-hard stiffness can just happen for some while some are struggling hard to get there.

One thing that is constantly running in their minds is probably how to get long-lasting erections? Though it is a condition that happens when the mind & body are relaxed & in harmony, several factors play important roles here.

We’ve gathered all things helpful regarding gaining & maintaining harder erections. And, we think you must read it. Here you go!

How much blood does it take to get hard?

The penis must have a consistent blood flow for a harder & stiffer erection that equals to around 4 shot glasses of blood (approx 130 ml).

What are some interesting facts about erections?

While you’re here for answers to hard erections & long-lasting erections, you would like to know these exciting facts too.

  1. It takes 30cm/per second speed for the blood to reach the penis during erections
  2. Nitric oxide is responsible to cause erections. It is the chemical produced by lightning, car engines & power plants
  3. Erections can point in different directions
  4. Erections can be broadly categorized into 3 types
  5. Masturbate less if you want to feel harder & bigger to your partner
  6. If erections last longer than 4 hours, it’s an unusual medical condition
  7. Regular sexual intercourse may help prevent erectile dysfunction

How to stop getting erect so easily?

Do you find it difficult to gain full control over ejaculation? Do you get unwanted erections often? It is a male’s bodily function that’s natural & understood. This is what you should know…

  1. Handle it calmly

Sometimes, unwanted erections are out of your control. For instance, male’s sexual hormones make erections even during sleep. So, if it happens to you, handle it with calmness. Breathe slowly, sit down & relax.

Find ways to reduce embarrassment. It’s you who have attained the erection & not everyone has noticed it so keep calm.

  1. Meditate

Meditating is the best way to increase focus & self-control. Once you start meditating & focus on the sound of breath, distraction occurs & thus you may get rid of arousing thoughts easily.

  1. Distract your attention

Indulge yourself in other activities that are opposite to arousing thoughts. Get busy with your smartphone, listen to your favorite music & avoid anything that takes your mind to arousal thoughts.

  1. Take a cold-water shower

Bathing is a remedy & cold-water bath is one of the traditional remedies to get rid of unwanted erection in some men. Well, it may not work for everyone all the time.

  1. Exercise

Exercising can be an amazing therapy to divert your mind from unwanted penile hardness. Just go on a bike ride or practice yoga. Do any gentle exercise that you love & see the change.

How long can the average man stay erect?

Men are too much concerned with erections, especially when their lady love gasps about it. So, if you think that you’re not getting enough hardness, you must read this:

Normal sex is different for everyone. Also, the average lasting time of sexual intercourse ranges between 3 to 13 minutes. This timing includes getting erections to reaching an ejaculation, excluding foreplay.

Once the sexual intercourse is accomplished & the penis softens, the refractory duration ranges between 15 minutes to an hour or more. Depending on the person’s sexual desires, control over mind & physical conditions, the erection’s lasting time differs.

Someone might attain and maintain erections before orgasm for around 20 minutes while for some, ejaculation might happen in 10 minutes. And, that’s normal.

If you feel that you’re ejaculating earlier or suffering from premature-ejaculation (PE) then your ejaculation timings must be between 1 to 5 minutes. You must seek medical guidance for this.

3 Simple ways to get harder & long-lasting Erections

  1. Enjoy every bit of Intimacy

One of the most common reasons for sexual sessions to not last longer is taking shorter foreplay time. The longer you enjoy each other, the more you’ll be curious to get in. Feel the pleasure & sip-in moments.

This will boost your spirit & the touch & feel will make you crave her more. Thus, you’ll get erection & will be able to maintain it for a longer time, all thanks to the magical foreplay.

  1. Don’t rush for Climax

Accept the face: Everyone has different timings to hold & maintain erections. Keep yourself as relaxed as possible to keep going. As discussed in #1, enjoy the moments & extend it till your soul is satisfied. You can then attain climax that isn’t intended just for the sake of sex but because you’re reaching cloud nine together. We hope you got the point.

  1. Use ED pills (on-prescription only!)

When you can’t gain desired hardness, ED pills are better alternatives to attain stiffer erections. You’re not alone with such complaint of not getting harder or maintaining it for short-time, millions of men around the globe face this issue.

Numbers of FDA-approved ED pills are available in the market such as cenforce 100fildenakamagra oral jelly and vidalista. Generics are made available as low-priced & equally efficient options. Once you consult the doctor, you can get a prescription & start using ED pills.

Believe us; you’ll feel the difference in no time. Thank us later.

         Note: ED pills are not for everyone & are dangerous if not taken under medical guidance. 

The Bottom Line

Not being able to gain desired hardness sometimes isn’t a sexual problem. But, if you face this situation time and again, it may create issues in your sexual performance & marital life too.

The best way out is to consult a doctor before it is too late. Discuss the issues you encounter during penile erections & seek expert guidance. You may be prescribed with ED-pills based on your physical & psychological health conditions, current medicines & allergic situations.

Consult your doctor & get back here to find the best & affordable medicines for men’s sexual health & erectile dysfunction.

Better late than never!