• “The only drama I enjoy is in my lashes” – if this is you, welcome to the clan! Eyelashes being one of the most prominent facial features, women are likely to be concerned about its beauty. Not just you, even others are going to notice the shape and volume of your lashes. Make sure it’s worth watching for a while.

  • As a woman, you must have tried everything that you know for eyelashes growth. First things first, women try false eyelashes, mascara, and similar makeup products that enhance the beauty of the eyes. The wise ones will go the extra mile and opt for eyelashes serum.

  • You know, it always seems easy to step-into a cosmetic store and find budgetary mascara or eyelashes for temporary satisfaction. But when you opt for this shortcut, it is visible that you’ve applied artificial lashes.

  • All it takes is a bit of time investment, little patience, and care to grow eyelashes naturally. If you’re someone who’ll rather wait to have naturally longer & voluminous lashes, you deserve the best lash serum for growth.

  • We’ll explore the treatments for eyelash growth in this blog and also share a few tips and tricks to grow healthy eyelashes. Adding a few more things to your knowledge, we’ll also share how your eyelashes grow. Keep reading.

Do you know? Eyelash hair is also known as Cilium.

How do Eyelashes grow?

When talking about eyelashes, you’ll find an entire series of products that’ll promise the looks you expect. Needless to say that, your lash hair is different than the hair on other body parts, including your scalp hair. However, your eyelashes have the same hair growth process as other body parts. Here are the stages explained in brief:


Also known as the growing phase, it takes 30 to 45 days only for your eyelashes to reach their maximum length. You must have concluded what this means. If not, let us drop a hint – your eyelashes grow faster as compared to your scalp hair that takes 5 years to reach full length.


This is the second phase of eyelash growth when regression happens. Hair is released by your upper eyelid & detaches from the follicle.


It’s the resting phase for your lash hair when one stops growing while many new eyelashes begin to grow from the follicle.


The last phase is also called as shedding phase for eyelash hair. When the new hair follicle grows, the old one shreds from your skin.

As seen above, your eyelashes are consistently repeating this loop. Old ones keep falling and new ones keep taking their place. Now you know what it means like seeing a stray eyelash on your nose or cheeks. Yes, you can still make a wish!

What do women want?

When it comes to eyelashes, women compromise the least. They have a predefined image for lash hair that’s longer, fuller & voluminous. You may say it’s exactly what we see in the falsies. It is almost impossible to achieve this look overnight. But, if you have the guts to wait for the results, you’ll surely wait for the best eyelash growth serum to keep it real.

Before we share the most effective eyelash growth technique, let us share some common home-remedies women try to achieve the lash hair of their dreams.

Home-Remedies for Great Eyelash Hair

Moisturizing Eyelashes with Coconut Oil

Be it your hair or skin, you should always keep them nourished & moisturized. Most beauty experts agree upon the fact that moisturizing is quintessential. The same theory applies to your eyelashes too.

Now the question is how to moisturize your lash hair? They’re too tiny, right? The best way is to take a pea-sized amount of coconut oil on your palm & use a clean, soft-bristle mascara brush to take the oil & apply it to your lashes lightly. Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E. When you’re asleep, this coconut oil will do its work & believe us; it will do the magic & boost lash hair growth like anything.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera isn’t something you have to rely on for beauty shops or cosmetic stores. It is easily accessible from your home garden too. Not just your lash hair, Aloe Vera works magic for your skin too. Your eyelashes will grow softer than ever. Thank us later for this.

Apply Green Tea

Rich in detoxing properties, green tea has powerful antioxidants too. It’s very simple to use it for boosting eyelash growth. Use the tea bag at room temperature on your upper lash line & let it soothe your eyes & fill-in the essential nutrients as needed.

Most Effective Treatment for Longer and Voluminous Eyelash Hair

  • The secret to boosting lash hair growth lies in stimulating the follicle growth in Anagen phase, as mentioned earlier in this blog.

  • When your lashes are about to grow, you should do all that you can to let them grow to their maximum limits. By applying lashes serum, hair follicle growth in Anagen phase is enhanced & the quality improves. Thus, you’ve got endless possibilities to see them grow longer, voluminous & beautiful.

  • If you look for one, you’ll find hundreds of options for eyelashes serum in the market. Many of them are available online while your nearest medical store may sell popular over the counter long lash serums. People smart enough, or say, conscious buyers, don’t refrain from deeply studying the lash serum they’re buying before applying them. Some choose to consult the doctor & find the best eyelash growth serum for themselves. However, one thing you should always bear in mind is don’t get blind to eyelash growth that you overlook the associated risks.

  • To your surprise, you’ll also find some FDA-approved best lash serum that gives promising results and is safe to use too.

Lattice (Bimatoprost Drops)

  • Whenever you hunt for the best eyelash growth serums, it’s impossible to not find Lattice topping the charts. With a key ingredient called Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution (0.03%), this FDA-approved eyelash growth serum is widely popular.
  • Using Lattice regularly before bedtime is the simplest way to grow your lash hair with prominence. Studies have shown that 79% of people using Lattice for 20 weeks have seen positive & expected lash hair growth results.
  • Though Lattice is one of the most recognized treatments for eyelash growth, it should only be purchased after getting a prescription from the doctor. It is available with an applicator brush, but you should know the right technique to apply this medicine & also know the when & how.
  • Thanks to Lattice, millions of women across the globe are cherishing beautiful eyelashes without any reliance on falsies or mascara. Nothing beats natural beauty, right?
  • Well, Lattice isn’t the only player in the market when talking about lash hair growth serums, you’ll find many alternatives. The final decision is up to your doctor as to which eyelash growth serum they find suitable for you. Meanwhile, let’s check out a few tips & tricks, as promised, for growing longer eyelashes.

5 Tips & Tricks to Grow Healthy Lash Hair

Never be afraid to try everything in your power to achieve all that you want. These tips & tricks are the little changes that you can make to your lifestyle to see your lash hair growing healthier and in improved quality at a boosted speed.

1.Handle makeup products carefully

  • You may purchase any makeup products with two perspectives. Firstly, you buy something that you like. Secondly, you buy makeup and beauty products with a sense of awareness whether or not they’ll be good for your skin. Now you know what you should be aware of.
  •  Similarly, you should prioritize natural look over false eyelashes & mascara. You never know how much you hurt your eyelashes while applying those products & the damage that follows when you don’t remove them properly. Also, try to not use lash curlers as they hurt your lash follicles while curling.
  • Don’t forget that removing makeup is an important part of hair hygiene. Use mild cleansers only & opt for high-quality cosmetics. Make it a rule that you never sleep with your makeup on.
  • Sometimes, you need to accept your eyelashes just the way they are. Even if they’re growing slow & uneven, you’ll make it someday. So, wait & watch the process.

Watch what you eat

What you eat makes a greater impact on your hair growth. Try taking a balanced diet that is rich in nutrients. Besides eating healthy food, make sure you stay hydrated. It isn’t only good for your lash hair, but also your scalp hair & skin.

S  Say no to eye-teasing

Many of us have a habit of rubbing eyes or touch eyelashes and pluck them. Don’t do this, I repeat, never do this. You’re only harming your eyelashes & follicles get disturbed. Don’t ever try to touch your eyes unnecessarily.

Say yes to eyelash comb
  • If there is one thing that can instantly make your eyelashes look bold then it is an eyelash comb. It is available at very affordable prices & can be bought from any cosmetic store. It’s a good practice to use it once per day for a few minutes. Doing so will minimize the mascara damage too.
  • The simplest way to comb your eyelashes is to use a clean mascara brush with softer bristles. It will brush your lash hair closely & tidily.
    Know what you’re applying to your eyes

  • What do you see first while buying makeup products? Don’t say that you only look at the brand. It is essential to check out the ingredients because sometimes it is your mascara itself that kills your eyelash growth.
  •  The major enemies of your lash hair are isopropyl and ethyl alcohol. They’re responsible to make your eyelashes dry and brittle faster than usual. Though they aren’t extremely dangerous, you’ll probably not want to make your lash hair weaker or brittle. So, whether you buy waterproof mascara or any costlier non-toxic mascara, know all the possible details you should.

The Takeaway
  • You’ve explored almost everything you’re expected to know at the moment regarding eyelash growth. To be honest, the most effective way to grow stronger & voluminous eyelashes is using Lattice Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution. However, you should opt for an eyelash growth solution only after consulting the doctor.
  • Besides relying on this treatment, make sure you’re also sticking to a healthy diet and lifestyle. We’ve already discussed this above, right. Also, keep patience when you start using Lattice as it takes at least 8 weeks to start seeing positive effects.