Sometimes we thought that nothing could better increase pleasure after sex, except for cigarettes. Today we are aware that cigarettes are the biggest enemy of a long and healthy life.

However, most people still do not realize that before your nicotine takes your life, you will first kill your sex life.

Here are some facts about why these bad habits should be resolved today.

Cigarettes can be fatal to your sex life thanks to the ingredients in the smoke, especially when it comes to nicotine and its effect on the bloodstream.

The fact is that smokers have a doubled chance of not having an erection. According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.5 billion people worldwide are smokers, while 46 million are residents of the United States. That's why it's not surprising that nearly 40 million Americans described themselves as marital life without sex.


Sexual function also depends on blood flow.

Nicotine affects circulation, in two ways.

First, as a stimulant, it directly affects the narrowing of the arteries, which reflects the heart, lungs, eyes, hands, legs and, of course, the genitals.

It also affects the bloodstream by reducing the ability of blood vessels to relax and allow better circulation.

Nicotine affects the veins and has a direct impact on an erection in terms of erectile dysfunction.

Before we move forward,


Tobacco is a dried leaf of a one-year plant Nicotiana tabacum, originating from subtropical regions America. Smoking tobacco is voluntary inhalation of tobacco smoke and a number of harmful products, which arrives in the lungs and very quickly the poisons of the tobacco pass into the bloodstream and into all parts of the body.

It is interesting that, in tobacco smoke, no useful substance was found, but the presence more than 4,000 harmful substances, of which 60 are carcinogenic, then 200 times more (carbon dioxide), 30,000 times more carbon monoxide.

 In the last decades, numerous additives have been added to them as the taste improves.

Nicotine is a psychoactive substance responsible for the dependence on tobacco smoke.

 How strong effect tobacco has?

Tobacco addiction best tells the story that it is in second place, immediately after heroin! On the third place is cocaine addiction, the fourth of alcohol and the fifth of coffee.


In his diary, Kolumbo noted that several natives donated him to the island dry leaves of the plant, which bitterly smelled, which they called "petum" and which was very appreciated.

At the beginning of the 16th century, the first smokers appeared in Europe, initially among sailors and soldiers IN Spanish colonial armies, colonists, and merchants who visited the New World.

Even the ambassador of France to Portugal, Jean-Nichol, in 1560th year, brought to the French Queen Katarina Medici leaf and seeds of tobacco, recommending it as an agent against headache, as well as for "stimulating bodies, "good mood and healing of many troubles".

The prevalence of smoking around the Globe?

The number of smokers in the world is around 1.3 billion people, of which: billions of men and about 300 thousand females.

For the last thirty years, the number of smokers has decreased in developed countries.

At the same time, the global tobacco industry increases production by 2% yearly, because it has found markets in third world countries through aggressive advertisements, prizes, and sponsorships.

Especially worries the growth of newly registered smokers in the young population.

Tobacco is the most important risk factor that leads to death, but which can be successfully eliminated.

More than 5 millions people die of tobacco every year - more than HIV infection and AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis together.

It is the only legal product that kills its users if used as prescribed!


In tobacco’s composition are over 4000 harmful and more than 60 carcinogenic ingredients.

Nicotine is a powerful insecticide and herbal poison, and he is responsible for the creation of addictive tobacco addiction.

Carbon monoxide - responsible for headache, fatigue, the decline in concentration, and gray earth skin color.

Tar - 20 cigarettes per day - 1 year. 1 liter is deposited in the lungs.

Ammonia - is added and is responsible for the greater dependence and the inability to easily quit smoking.

In addition to the 4000 harmful substances and none of them are not useful, which exist in tobacco, the tobacco industry in cigarettes insert an additional 600 chemical components.

Sulfur is added that poor quality tobacco will get a yellow color.

Lead is added to correct the taste and because of this ingredient smokers often feel the metal taste in the mouth.

In order to stabilize moisture and not to dry tobacco, antifreeze is added!

The clutter of poisons in the organism can take a decade.

Even those people who know that smoking affects a sexual potency does not stop smoking. Some even suspect the risk of erectile dysfunction in the future.


Erectile dysfunction is the most common sex problem in men report to the doctors.

ED is defined as trouble in getting or keeping an erection that’s firm enough for sexual intercourse.

How the erection occurs?

During sexual arousal, there is an increase in blood flow into the two erection chambers made of spongy muscle tissue in the penis.

Blood pressure in the chamber makes the penis soft and causes erection..

Since nicotine reduces the blood flow so strongly and rapidly, it almost reflects at the same time the flow of blood in the genitals.

Sexual function also depends on blood flow. Nicotine in two ways affects circulation. First, as a stimulant, it directly affects the narrowing of the arteries, which reflects the heart, lungs, eyes, hands, legs and, of course, the genitals. It also affects the bloodstream by reducing the ability of blood vessels to relax and allow better circulation. Nicotine affects the veins and has a direct impact on an erection in terms of erectile dysfunction.

In some studies were using a color Doppler diagnosis of the blood vessels have shown that the blood supply of the penis was slowing down considerably, especially after the second cigarette.

The problem is that the nicotine causes long-term damage to the arteries, but it also affects the nerves.

The nicotine and the other harmful substances cumulatively affect the arterial circulation thus the sexual stimulation by impeding sufficient blood flow in order to produce an erection.

However, men are not the only ones affected by the negative effects of nicotine.

 Smoking can also be adversely affected by blood flow to female genitalia.


Smoking due to the effect of nicotine and the numerous harmful ingredients effects on:

•    penial blood vessel dysfunction and irregular vasodilatation

•    change in the quality of the blood vessels,

•    increased blood coagulability,

•    reduced serum antioxidants,

•    the increase of glucose and lipid in blood provide many mechanisms for smoking as a major risk factor for like  erectile dysfunction.

All of the above listed can lead to the inability to have a healthy and successful sex act.


The action of nicotine and tobacco has a negative effect on all reproductive functions due to a number of factors:

  • Smoking leads to a decrease in testosterone production.

  • Nicotine and toxins from tobacco violate the work of testicles and prostate.

  • Addiction weakens the immunity, we exploit the resources of the organism.

  • Tobacco has an effect on a libido weakening.

  • Nicotine intoxication affects the sperm, reducing the possibility of fertilization.


The influence of smoking on erection has the same mechanisms. The first place occupies a reduction in testosterone levels. This hormone is decisive for the emergence and maintenance of an erection, the emergence of desire. A smoking system, which causes chronic inflammation of the heart walls, stimulates atherosclerosis. If the disease affects the orbital artery, the action of male sexual organs (penis, testes, prostate) is reduced. Well, the well-seen negative impact of smoking on potency in men.

Impotence occurs as a direct consequence of blood vessel atherosclerosis in the iliac artery system. These veins give branches, all male sexual organs are fed. Impotence is purely functional in nature and occurs in a small amount of testosterone. Or there is direct damage to the blood vessels of the penis. Then impotence is associated with erectile dysfunction.


Mechanisms of the influence of electronic and ordinary cigarettes are similar. Both contain nicotine. The e-cigarette does not contain tar and heavy metals. There are many light elements in them. However, their effect on the body is still not fully resolved. While it is unique only that electronic cigarettes are almost identical to their potential for potency.


The answer is simple - yes. Although no specific research has been carried out, tobacco, which is used in nargile, contains the same (sometimes more) nicotine dose. Unlike ordinary cigarettes, it consists of a smoke-free temperature, as well as a concentration of ingredients. The shisha design implies the bringing of products burning through the filter and their cooling in water. The quality of tobacco for nargile is important.


Fortunately, YES.

But you need to start with the recovery of  potency as a result of addiction, that includes:

•    quitting smoking;

•    recovery of metabolism of the sexual organs;

•    adherence to the rules of a healthy lifestyle;


The whole body and each individual smoker's system are adapted to the regular intake of toxic substances. It is this "habit" that leads to a certain imbalance in the metabolic processes and the functioning of the body as a whole after cessation of smoking.

 Getting to life without these substances lasts from a few weeks to several months.

This is called the adaptation period, which often follows and not very pleasant moments.

During the adaptation period, reduced immune system efficacy increased weight gain and mood swings can be noticed. It is a period when the body returns after smoking, it needs to pass with dignity, supporting it in a difficult situation.

But in time, after stopping smoking, many men notice an increase in sexual desire. Therefore, the renewal of potency after smoking is only a matter of time. Renewal of potency depends on the characteristics of the organism, on average this process takes about 6 months.

But, however, the numbers are different.  According to medical data, the period needed to restore potency after smoking directly depends on the experience of smokers and the average number of cigarettes per day.

For example, the power of a person who smokes for about 5 years recovers in a few months, but smoking experience from 15 to 20 years almost triplicates the process of recovery of potency.

If these processes are completely delayed, then the man will have to consult with the doctor and continue to be treated under the supervision of a doctor.

You start to fight toxins in your body, you can feel the need for help. Multivitamins, especially those containing vitamins A, C, and E, are excellent for restoring the organism and providing essential nutrients needed to remove toxins. Vitamins can help you overcome your addiction by reducing symptoms of abstinence and making you more capable of handling your appetite.

Fortunately, the lasting consequences for your sex life can be prevented. First, you need to understand how much you risk smoking, it may help you make the right decision for the years to come. So instead of reaching for a cigarette after sex, turn to your partner. Pampering is much healthier.