One may feel why is blood flow to the penis important. It is important for one single reason, making yourself successful in bed in front of your partner. Today it is a major men’s problem that men are unable to satisfy their women in bed. This is a critical situation and is termed Erectile Dysfunction or ED in medical terminology. The reason for this can be irregular cycles of cycle, everyday stress, unhealthy food, alcoholic consumption, etc. But the main reason behind the penis getting erect and not getting erect is blood flow to the penis. For a good time on a bed that satisfies you and your partner’s fantasies, you need a long-lasting erection and that happens only if the penis receives a proper supply of blood.

So, all these reasons mentioned above reduce the blood flow in the penis which leads to a reduced erection. Hence, the penis either does not get erect or becomes erect for a few seconds or minutes. Either way, you and your partner are going to be dissatisfied in copulation. For a successful relationship apart from emotional bonding, healthy sex life is equally important. Ignorance of sex life makes men consume pills that bring back the blood flow to the penis. But is this the only way to revive a good erection or there are natural methods? In this article, we shall learn how to increase blood flow to the penis naturally and reduced dependence on pills for a better sexual experience.

Eat good food

By good food here we mean, healthy and nutritious food that does not add cholesterol to the body. It has been observed that most fast-food eaters become Erectile Dysfunction patients. This happens because fast food items are a rich source of bad cholesterol that has the habit of getting stuck to the mouth of the arteries. Hence, the blood cannot pass freely from heart to organs and organs to the heart. This leads to a situation where organs including the penis get deprived of blood. Hence, when sexual stimulation occurs the adequate amount of blood cannot reach the penile region due to obstruction due to cholesterol in the arteries.

So, from now before munching anything unhealthy but tasty understand its consequences. You may not experience negative effects instantly but in the long run, you are sure to get a poor erection. Therefore, reduce the consumption of such food items and after some time stop eating them completely. Replace that food with green leafy vegetables, nuts, cereals, grains, seafood, and food items that improved metabolism.

Give up addictions

This is another natural method of increasing blood flow to the penis. Any addiction be it smoking, drinking alcohol, use of recreational drugs, or even the habit of eating fast food daily is also addiction is bad for blood flow in the penis and whole body. So, from now on start looking for ways to give up any kind of addiction completely. Take the example of the smoking faced fact that smoking causes Erectile Dysfunction. Every smoker in the world is either suffering or will suffer from Erectile Dysfunction at some point of time in life. This is the reason that smokers are the main consumers of counter ED pills to gain a better erection.

With alcohol the situation is different, it harms only when taken in excess quantities. In small quantities, alcohol is the easing stress. But when taken in excess, the blood circulation is affected, secretion of enzymes is disturbed, and the correlation between organs and the brain is damaged. Hence, the person finds it difficult to even walk and talk properly. We know it will be hard to give up addiction instantly but one has to. Get the help of the doctor and get admitted to a rehabilitation center.

Remain mentally fit

Another reason for the poor blood flow in the penis is disturbed mental health. Well, everyone has stress in his/her life but we must take action to not let that stress creep into our everyday life and harm us. Today even teenagers are suffering from mental diseases like depression, anxiety, mood swings, loneliness, etc. This tells us that we have failed in something fundamental. We cannot change our family, colleagues, and friends so we must learn to adapt to handle stress. One of the main things to become mentally strong is doing yoga and meditation. Since childhood, our teachers and mentors have been telling us to do yoga and meditation but hardly, but we listened. It has been scientifically proved that yoga and mediation help ease stress, reduce blood pressure, restore the sleep cycle, increasing memory power, sharpness, and intelligence. An hour of yoga and meditation is enough to do away with every stress you have.

Yoga and meditation act as a natural stress buster and that too without any side effects, unlike anti-depressants. Add yoga and meditation to your daily routine. It acts like a stabilizer that brings everything to its normal state, positivity induces and overall metabolism will increase will lead to increase blood flow in the penis.


There must be a question in your mind that when we can simply swallow pills and make things easy. Then why are we discussing the natural ways of bringing back blood flow in the penis? This is because natural methods treat the problem completely and eradicate it from its roots. And hence, they take time more time to cure the problem, sometimes weeks and even months. On the other hand, pills start showing their effect within an hour. But they have a shortcoming of instant but temporary results. They show results only for a few days, and then again, the symptoms of the disorder start appearing. Hence, the patient keeps on taking pills whenever he feels the problem. With ED pills same happens, men have to take it every time before having sex. Whereas natural methods take time but they remove the problem of blood circulation completely as they work to treat the root cause. As patients and health-conscious we must go for natural methods but for a quick solution also use pills but never treat it as the only solution.

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