To the entire male community out there who’s having a lot of questions, doubts, and confusions regarding erections & ejaculations, we’ve got you covered.

This blog is all about the basics of erections, some interesting facts regarding erections that you’ll like to read & doubt-bursting FAQs to get it straight. Let’s not waste time & start with everything you want to know.

What is a penis made up of?

Needless to say that the penis is a male sexual organ that reaches its full size during puberty. Besides being the key organ for sexual stimulation, it also discharges urine from the male body. Let us explain each part of the penis in detail:

Corpora Cavernosa

These are two chambers that run along the length of the organ with a maze of blood vessels that are shaped like a sponge. Technically, the maze structure is called as a cavernous space.


It’s the channel that passes urine & sperm. It is situated on the underside of the corpora cavernosa.

Erectile Tissue

This tissue surrounds the urethra, the two major penile arteries & numerous veins & nerves. 

The Shaft

It can be described as the longest part of the penis.

The Head aka Glans

The end of the shaft is referred to as Glans.

The Meatus

The opening on the penis that discharges urine and sperm is called the Meatus.

What is an erection?

An erection is nothing but the hardness of the penis that happens when the sponge-like tissues within the penis are filled with blood. When an erection occurs, the penis enlarges & gets away from the body. 

What causes an erection?

Commonly, men know that erections happen upon sexual stimulation. Though this is one of the reasons, erections can occur due to many reasons. We’ve broadly categorized them into three types as follows:

Sexual arousal

It usually happens with men when they’re with their partners & having some romantic time together. Men naturally feel sexual stimulation & they’re likely to have an erection. It is perceived as a signal that you’re ready for sex.

Besides this, sexual arousal can occur whenever a man feels erotic. It can be a romantic movie scene, teasing perfume, some dirty talks or just a thought of enjoying intimacy with their partner can send signals to the brain that sends chemical messages to the penis. Thus, an erection occurs.

Morning Erections

Early morning erections among men are very common. It isn’t because men wake up with a thought of having morning sex, but it can be the result of men feeling turned on by seeing their partner’s morning face or because they woke up after a REM sleep aka dream sleep.

Some men encountered that their morning erections are harder than the ones they attain upon sexual arousal. The reason is that the REM erections are triggered by another part of the brain as opposed to the erections happening after sexual stimulation. Also, these erections are sensitive than the latter. You can also say that they’re two different types of erections.

Teen Erections

As the name suggests, this type of erection occurs with teenage boys when they’ve just stepped-into the puberty stage. They are anything but wanted by them & such erections occur anytime. It happens because of the peaking testosterone levels and many more things that men aren’t sure of.

Are all erections the same?

You can easily predict the answer to this after seeing the three types of erections occurring with men. All erections are not the same. Men may have several reasons to experience either of the erections as discussed above. It depends on their physical & psychological health as well as the situation they’re in while attaining erections. Thus, several factors are taken into account as long as erections are concerned.

How long can the average man stay erect?

As mentioned earlier, the way erections are attained influence the approximate lasting times of the erection. Men’s mood throughout the sexual activity, their fitness, physical & psychological health conditions, etc also count.

However, an average man can stay erect for a few minutes to around half an hour. Don’t get surprised if you find yourself with an erection in the middle of your sleep because the average man can also have up to 5 erections a night during their sleep. Each of these erections can have a lasting time of 25 to 35 minutes.

10 Surprising Facts about Erections You Probably Didn’t Know

The Penis is a fragile organ

A Penis can be broken, not like a bone, but this break happens with the blood vessels as they burst. As a result, painful swelling may occur. It can also happen during sexual intercourse when your partner is riding you.

Erections start happening in the womb

If you ever wondered when men started getting erections then the answer is ‘womb.’ Yes! A Male fetus can experience erections in the womb.

Bigger erections emerge from shorter penises

Most men with shorter penises are shy that their erections will be shorter too. Well, it isn’t so. Such men tend to have 86% erection as compared to men with longer penises who only have 47% length growth upon erections.

The average erection size is ‘5.6 inches’

A study conducted in 2013 resulted in penis size of 5.6 inches as an average erect penis. This was concluded after measuring the participant’s erect penises.

“13.5 inches” is the world’s largest erection

Only if you’re curious to know who has the largest erection, its John Falcon. His erect penis is over a foot long.

You can have an orgasm without an erection

Who says you should be erection to reach orgasm? You can still experience it without erections & it’s true.

3 to 5 erections per night is normal

Even if you’re sleeping tight, your little tool is still at work. An average man can experience 3 to 5 erections approximately for 30 minutes & its normal!

De-stressing & Lifestyle changes can wave goodbye to ED problems

It all seems smooth until you’re gaining erections naturally. But, when you start experiencing ED symptoms, everything gets gloomy suddenly. Don’t lose faith. You can do a lot of things to get rid of ED & ED pills aren’t the only solution!

Most men only think that they have ED

It’s okay to not achieve desired erections all the time. You may be going through something. However, most men take it too seriously when they cannot attain harder erections two to three times in a row assuming that they have ED. Who knows it is a temporary thing!

ED medicines don’t trigger erections

Many of you have a myth that if you cannot achieve desired hardness for carrying out sexual intercourse, ED medicines are great options. Well, ED medicines aren’t sexual stimulants. They’re only sexual performance enhancer pills. This means that until you’re sexually stimulated, these pills cannot help you get harder.

After reading a lot about erections, you must be curious to learn about ejaculations too, isn’t it? 

How does an ejaculation occur?

The spinal cord & the brain receive impulses when sexual stimulation occurs. Ejaculation is a process that is completely controlled by the central nervous system. When a man experiences the peak excitement levels during the sexual activity, the two phases occur:

In the phase one, the vas deferens is contracting to squeeze the sperm towards the penis base. Here, the prostate gland & seminal vesicles are releasing secretions for making semen. It’s impossible to stop ejaculation when a man reaches this stage during sex.

Now, the muscles situated in the penis base are contracting every 0.8 seconds & ejecting semen out of the penis in around 5 spurts.

You now know how you’re reaching your calm after ejaculating!

FAQs regarding Erections

How to get harder erections?

There could be many possible reasons behind men experiencing softer erection problems. Some men are concerned to learn getting harder erections even if their erections are normal. In such cases, we can say that you should start exercising, maintain a healthy weight, avoid drug addiction, and most importantly, make love to your partner by forgetting if the rest of the world even exists.

How to stop getting erections so easily?

If you find yourself getting an erection very easily, it may put you in some awkward situations too. You should try to distract yourself during such circumstances by diverting your mind so that your erections subside.

How to get rid of an erection?

Distracting yourself from what you’re currently feeling, shifting your position, meditating, calming down, having a cold shower, etc are some ways you can get rid of erection.

How to keep an erection without medication?

If you’re physically & mentally sound, living a healthy lifestyle & are fit in all instances, you’re likely to keep an erection without medication. However, if you still face any problem, you better consult your doctor.

How to stay erect after coming?

Most men rely on ED pills for staying erect after coming once. ED pills have a lasting time of around 4 to 5 hours that reduces refractory duration too. This simply means that even if you come once, you can still gain desired hardness to carry out another round of sexual activity without worrying about erections to get softer. Consult your doctor & ask for the right ED pills if you’re interested to try them.

How to get better erections?

You have to take care of yourself first to make you erectile health better. Watching what you eat, regular exercising, and sticking to a healthy lifestyle are some easy ways you can try to get better erections. Additionally, you’ll have to avoid alcohol, smoking, steroids, etc.

Why do men wake up with an erection?

It’s common for men to wake up with an erection after REM sleep or dream sleep & it’s normal. This usually happens because the testosterone levels are highest in the morning when you wake up. Thus, you see most men waking up with an erection even if no sexual stimulation occurs.

What is the average erect penis size?

An average American has an erect penis size of 6 inches. 

How to get a bigger erection?

Bigger, longer & stronger erection is every man’s dream. You can gain such erection by doing a lot of things that includes weight control, avoiding alcohol & smoking, training with pelvic floor exercises, having adequate sleep, and much more.

Why can’t I get an erection?

Many reasons could be responsible for a man who isn’t getting an erection. For instance, if you’re unable to attain an erection while masturbating, it could be because you’re missing your partner. Besides this, you may not gain desired hardness because of the side-effects of any ongoing medicines, kidney, liver, heart problems, etc. In case of doubt, it is better to consult the doctor & find a solution.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered the major stuff relating to erections here. You must have got many of your doubts cleared, which you might not ask to anyone just like that.