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Flutamide 250mg

Flutamide 250mg
Flutamide 250mg
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What is Flutamide 250mg?

  • Flutamide 250mg is a prescription medicine that is highly recommended in the treatment of prostate gland cancer in males. It is very efficient in the treatment of advanced prostatic carcinoma wherein the testosterone gets suppressed. You may start seeing the effectiveness of this medicine within a short period only.

  •  If you are suffering from the symptoms of prostatic cancer or advanced prostatic carcinoma, Flutamide 250mg can help. It belongs to the class of drugs called anti-androgen or anti-testosterone that cures the symptoms of prostatic cancer in males. 


How does Flutamide 250 work?

  • Testosterone is one of the main reasons that spreads and helps in the growth of prostate cancer. Because it is a natural hormone present in males, it is important to cure it naturally. 

  • Flutamide cures the symptoms of prostatic cancer by blocking the effects of testosterone naturally so that the patient sees the least side effects.


What are the Active Ingredients?


  • The main component is the Flutamide that helps in treating the condition of prostate cancer. However, it contains several excipients that help in the stabilization of the effects and helps in the reduction of side effects. It includes Cellulose, microcrystalline, Lactose monohydrate, Maize starch, pregelatinized, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Silica, colloidal anhydrous, Magnesium stearate. It is advisable to consult the doctor before starting the medication as you may encounter some side effects based on your health condition.

  •  If you are allergic to any of the active ingredients then, it is advisable not to start the medication before consulting the doctor. 




Flutamide is a safe and potent medicine that comes with minimal side effects. However, based on your health condition and severity of the problem your doctor might prescribe you a higher dosage. It is advisable to consider the side effects and their severity before starting the medication. These side effects have been observed for a short duration as your body gets adapted to the drug in the long run. 


  •           Hot flashes
  •           Loss of interest in sexual intimacy
  •           Diarrhea
  •           Nausea
  •           Vomiting
  •           Drowsiness
  •           Dizziness
  •           Enlargement of male breasts
  •           Constipation
  •           Indigestion
  •           Decreased libido
  •           Loss of appetite
  •           Rashes on the skin
  •           Weakness or Fatigue


Because Flutamide is generally advisable to be taken in combination with other medicine, you may or may not face these side effects. 


How to use Flutamide 250mg?


Flutamide is an oral medication that can be quickly taken by mouth. It can be taken with or without having a meal also. But for better results, it is advisable to take it at a fixed interval throughout the medication period so that you feel balanced effects of the same.


Warnings & Precautions


  •           This medicine is for the use of males only. 
  •           Don’t consume alcohol or alcoholic drinks during the medication period. 
  •           If you’re suffering from any severe health issues like heart, kidney, liver, glaucoma, etc then discuss your medical history with your doctor before using Flutamide.
  •           Do not stop the medication mid-way as doing so might also create severe health implications in the future. Consult the doctor for the same.


Drug Interactions


  •           It is recommended not to club the medicine with Warfarin, Phenindione, or Acenocoumarol as it might cause severe health implications. 
  •           Monitor your glucose levels regularly while undergoing treatment with Flutamide 250 in case if you’re a diabetic person. 


Storage Instructions


  •           Store the medicine in a cool and dry place at normal room temperature. 
  •           Do not keep the medicine in a hot, humid, or direct sunlight area as it might affect the active ingredient of the medicine. 
  • If the medicine is expired, then do not take it and dispose of it carefully. Always consult the doctor before starting the medication.

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