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What is cenforce used for?

Wide cenforce is being used by men all over the globe. who suffer from erectile dysfunction in men, to treat this problem. men who have used this little blue pill (Cenforce), have found that it has worked wonders on them for male sexual dysfunction treatment in men.

Wide range of dosages in Cenforce are available in our Meds4care online pharmacy store, you can buy cenforce online according to your doctor prescription.

The drug cenforce based on sildenafil citrate and was created specifically for solving problems, When it was necessary to combine a good erection with remarkable sexual stamina.


What Cenforce Do?

Cenforce basically treats male impotence and erectile dysfunction conditions, those men's who found to have difficulties in achieving erection so having cenforce it works by increasing blood flow to the penis and it helps a man can get and keep an erection.

What we advise you before buying cenforce?

Start with low dosage & see the effect, (Do read side effects before going with this meds)

If you believe that low dosage is not showing results, consult to your doctor and then go with high dosages and follow your doctor instruction while having it.

Buy Cenforce Online

If you’re here to buy Cenforce online, you’re about to purchase one of the best & most popular male impotence pills across the globe. Let’s have a quick look at this erectile dysfunction (ED) medicine.

What is Cenforce?

Cenforce is an on-prescription medicine that is mostly prescribed for treating ED or male impotence. Some men cannot achieve the desired hardness of erections while making love. This causes difficulties in satisfying their partners as well as makes them lose interest in sex. Cenforce comes as a savage here. It not only cures the symptoms of ED naturally but also boosts the sexual performance of men.

It contains Sildenafil Citrate as its major active component. Cenforce thus belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitor class of drugs that enhance the blood flow mechanism throughout the body to improve erections in men.

Erectile Dysfunction in Men

ED isn’t something new for males. It is a sexual problem that occurs due to many reasons. It could be a side-effect of a certain medicine that you already use. Besides this, it could be because of any severe health issues like heart problems, kidney and liver problems, eye problems, etc. Moreover, it may be a sign of aging.

Whatever the reason is, you can always find the right ED medicine for treating this condition. Also, ED is a common sexual issue among men of any age. So, you don’t need to worry if you think you have an ED. Consulting your doctor is a better way to start your treatment.

Does Cenforce work?

Yes. Cenforce works very well to improve the conditions of ED in men. Sildenafil gets activated as sexual stimulation occurs. It then unclogs the veins carrying blood to the penis & improves blood flow towards it. This supports harder & long-lasting erections in men while making love.

Why should you use Cenforce?

Using Cenforce is beneficial for men suffering from ED or impotence. As you start using the prescribed dosage of Cenforce, you’ll start witnessing the improvements in erections in no time. However, you should only use Cenforce for as long as your doctor wants you to use it. Continuing Cenforce endlessly or discontinuing it suddenly may make you see some side-effects.

Alternative Cenforce Dosage & Strength

Cenforce is available in many different dosage strengths. Here they are:

  •         Cenforce 25mg tablets
  •            Cenforce 50mg tablets
  •           Cenforce 100mg tablets
  •           Cenforce 120mg tablets
  •           Cenforce 200mg tablets
  •           Cenforce FM 100mg tablets
  •           Cenforce Soft
  •           Cenforce Professional

Whatever dosage you consider, it will have an equivalent proportion of Sildenafil Citrate in it.

Cenforce vs. Viagra

Cenforce is often compared with Viagra, which is yet another popular & oldest existing ED medication in the world.

Cenforce and Viagra both have Sildenafil as a common key ingredient. However, you may find different dosages of Viagra & Cenforce. As you look closer, both of these ED pills have many similarities, including working mechanism, onset timings, and side-effects too. But, Cenforce is available as a high-power impotence pill.

The final decision of whether you should use Cenforce or Viagra depends on the decision of your doctor. It may happen that you’re prescribed a different medicine rather than any of these two.

How to use Cenforce?

Cenforce is available as oral tablets. This means you can use it just like regular oral pills, but as one tablet per day with a glass of water.

Make sure you take it as a whole & don’t crush, break, or chew it.

Cenforce can be used regardless of whether you want to take it on an empty stomach or after having meals. However, using Cenforce after heavy or fatty meals will increase the digestion time of food & so Cenforce comes into effect later than expected.

How long does Cenforce last?

The effects of Cenforce last for around 4 to 6 hours. You can see its peak effectiveness after an hour or two of its consumption. Also, the half-life of Cenforce starts after 2 hours of its intake. It takes 24 hours for your body to completely discard Sildenafil from your bloodstream.

What should you avoid while using Cenforce?

  •          Overdosing should be strictly avoided if you don’t want to see any negative impacts of this ED pill.
  •          Driving or operating machinery is not recommended while using Cenforce. Your vision may be blurry after using this impotence medicine & so the chances of accidents increase.
  •          Avoid medicines that contain nitrates.
  •          Don’t use any other ED pill while you’re using Cenforce.

Can you drink alcohol along with Cenforce?

No. Using Cenforce with alcohol can be the deadliest combination ever because Cenforce & alcohol both make you dizzy.

Is it good to use Cenforce for women too?

Only men can use Cenforce. It is not an ideal sexual performance enhancer pill for women regardless of them being pregnant or breastfeeding. Women may consult the doctor & get respective sex drive booster pills for themselves.

Can you feel sexual arousal after using Cenforce?

No. Cenforce is only a sexual performance booster medicine & not a sexual stimulator. In short, it cannot get you in a mood for sex. It will only work if a man is sexually stimulated.

Cenforce Side Effects

Here we mention some of the common Cenforce Side Effects:

  •         Nausea
  •         Headache
  •          Dizziness
  •         Drowsiness
  •          Irritating skin
  •          Dryness or Rashes on your skin
  •          Irregular Heartbeat
  •          Upset Stomach
  •          Vomiting
  •          Weakness in the body
  •          Chest or back pain
  •          Bloody urine
  •          Abnormal shape of a penis
  •          Long-lasting erection timings, i.e., more than 4 hours

What to do if you see any of these side effects?

If any of the above-mentioned side effects are seen, check out if they’re in mild or severe form. If they’re in moderate nature, then wait for some time & see if they disappear. If it takes more than 24 hours & they’re still present, then consult your doctor & seek medical attention.

It may happen that some men don’t see any of these side-effects, while some see them in moderate form. However, there can be instances when rare side-effects appear too.

Cenforce Storage

  •         Store Cenforce between 15-30 Degrees Celsius.
  •         Keep Cenforce out of reach of children.

Cenforce Review

We’re sharing some of the Cenforce Reviews we received for our products.

  •         “I took Cenforce for over a month & my wife is very happy with the results. Thanks to Cenforce, I restored confidence & interest in sex.”
  •         “Cenforce proved to be life-changing for me. I can now get harder within 30 minutes & hopefully, I haven’t seen any side-effects too.”
  •         “My age is 65 & I’m using Cenforce to get a stiffer penis. I am very satisfied with the results of Cenforce & I recommend it to anyone of my age who is willing to get an erection like we’re in the 30s.”

Why Buy Cenforce From Meds4care?

  •       We do not sell expiry date medicines (not any countrtfeit products)
  •       We do believe in refund policy if customer founds any defective in our product.
  •       We do believe in communication so do not hesitate to email us your queries we would be happy to giving answers to all your queries.
  •       We do work on ISD (indian Standard Time) so there may be delay in responses, so please take it into consideration.
  •       Drop your queries on     (Meds4care deliver cenforce worldwide regions) 
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