It is normal to have a mild headache sometimes. It can be easily treated either with some household treatment or a tablet.


It is so common to have a headache these days due to continuous exposure to phone and computer screens that it is easily ignored, although the problem arises when the frequency and intensity of these headaches increases. 


What if you get a headache that never really goes away and becomes a recurring issue?


If you have a headache along with nausea in presence of certain sounds and light, it is called a Migraine.


A migraine headache that is experienced repeatedly for more than 15 days every month for three months is called a chronic Migraine.

With time, it becomes impossible to work smoothly when you continuously have a throbbing pain in the head. Personal relationships can also be affected severely and day-to-day life gets difficult.


Then it becomes essential to treat the migraine or even better to stop it from happening in the first place. 


To treat an ailment it is essential to know its cause, however, in the case of Chronic Migraine, it is not always possible to trace the cause. It can be linked to some triggers which vary from person to person.


A bad posture can trigger a headache if the blood flow through the neck is reduced.


An increase in stress and anxiety can prove to be a major trigger too.

Certain food items which contain the food preservative monosodium glutamate (MSG) can also trigger migraine headache.


Other common triggers include flashing lights, loud music, strong odors, a sudden shift in temperature, or sleeping difficulties.


How to treat Chronic Migraines and make your headaches less severe?



Botox is a neurotoxin that can cause a reaction called botulism. It blocks the signals from your nerves that pass the pain signals from the brain. Botox acts as an obstacle for the chemicals and stops the pain signal before they reach the nerve ending around the head and neck.


Although this prescription may seem new and unconventional, it has promising results and Allergan Botox is known to reduce the number of migraine episodes by 50%.


Botox injections are given to the patient on each side of the head and the neck or on the spot where throbbing pain is experienced every 12 weeks. Although Botox can prove to be slightly expensive, you can buy Botox online for the treatment of your migraine headache as they give long-lasting relief from the pain and make your headaches less severe with time.


Beta blockers


Beta-blocker usually used to treat cardiovascular conditions like hypertension or congestive heart failure but can also be used to treat migraine conditions. The beta black blockers reduce the dilation of blood vessels which contribute to migraine. Beta-blockers also stabilize the serotonin levels, increase the activist in the hypothalamus and decrease overall stress.


The common side effects of beta-blockers are fatigue, dizziness, weight gain, and sexual function. Some other side effects include depression, shortness of breath, and insomnia.


It is important to provide the doctor with a complete medical history as beta-blockers may interact with other drugs and cause various complications.


Taking alcohol and beta-blockers at the same time can affect the blood pressure negatively and bring it to a critically low level.




NSAIDs stand for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These are recommended for mild to acute headaches. In case of chronic migraines, these can be taken for some instant relief when the pain is very severe.


Some other treatments useful to treat chronic migraines are antidepressants. It is used as a preventive treatment.


Some alternative methods are also used to get relief from migraines.

For the people who prefer drug-free and home remedies here are some of the ways to deal with chronic migraine.




It is useful to reduce stress and provide relaxation. A weekly massage activity can prove to be helpful to relieve stress and also improve the quality of sleep.




Biofeedback therapy helps to practice relaxation exercises to reduce the brain waves that activate at the time of headaches.

Meditation, Progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing are some of the biofeedback exercises. This therapy can help to relax the muscles, reduce stress and also bring down the intensity and frequency of migraine headaches. When combined with medicines, this therapy can be very beneficial.




Yoga involves bending and stretching of the body and it involves various poses which calms the brain and reduces anxiety although this is not a treatment for Chronic Migraines it can assist to cope with it by reducing the impact of the headaches.


As these migraines soccer every few days, it can disturb personal as well as professional relationships. It is necessary to develop some coping strategies. 


Talk to your family and friends


A family who knows your problem can help you out and when the pain is severe, a comforting hand can make you feel better. You can ask them what you need and family can also help to avoid triggers like loud music or flashing lights. 


Join Support groups


Support groups can be very helpful to know that you are not the only one going through these and people share similar experiences. Some specific idea which worked for them might work for you as well. Someone who has been through the pain can give you better assistance.




A counselor can offer support as well as help to manage the stress. A counselor can also help to identify the triggers better and perhaps help to find ways to avoid the triggers in a better format. Counselling can also help you understand the psychological aspects of headaches in a better way and hence cope with them effectively.




It is an ancient Chinese method in which hair-thin needles are inserted at definite points near the nerves to stimulate the various systems which trigger a healing response. The needles stimulate the nerves to release endorphins and help to trigger the healing response which claims to relieve migraines. It can prove to be but if performed with care and caution it can be a calm and safe experience.