The smoking is a process in which the substances are burned and produce cloud of black, grey, or white gases and dust. Smoking is also act of breathing in and breathing out the vapour of the burning plant materials. The verity of plant material are use as for smoke include marijuana, hashish and most common associated related to this smoke is tobacco.


Tobacco is obtained from leaves of tobacco plant by cured process like a drying and fermentation process for smoking and chewing. Tobacco consists most addictive chemical substances are known as alkaloid nicotine. Nicotine are stimulate and most powerful cholinomimetic drug. When you take tobacco, nicotine is immediately absorbed in your body and mainly direct goes to your cerebrum. Nicotine activated your brain area and make you feel like satisficed and happy. Any way to putting nicotine in your body is hazardously addictive and can be harmful in your developing cerebrum. Regardless, the nicotine you are putting in your body is hazardously addictive and can be unsafe to your creating cerebrum.


  • Smoking effect on Circular system:
  • Nicotine are harm your blood cell
  • Make your blood thicker
  • Making your heart work progressively troublesome contrast with ordinary
  • Increment your blood circulatory strain
  • Tight your corridors, reduced oxygen level in blood flowing organ

Smoking effect on Immune System: 

  • Harms and destroy immunoglobulin in the blood stream.
  • Deplet your body's capacity to battle to foreign cell.
  • Impact on signalling events in provocative and lymphocytes cells
  • Making your heart work progressively troublesome contrast with ordinary
  • Decline movement of immune cells that typically help the body.
  • Increment movement dimension of killer cell (NK) activity

Smoking effect on Respiratory System:

  • Decrease in cell capability and enlistment of apoptosis in respiratory hair cells
  • Structural alterations to the respiratory epithelium.
  • Inverse impact on mitogenic and ace apoptotic
  • Irritation in trachea (windpipe) and discourse organ (voice box)
  • Perpetual damage to the air sacs of the lungs.
  • Irritation occurring in Throat and bronchial during inhaling
  • Appear changes in the respiratory epithelium and bare epithelium

Smoking effect on Musculoskeletal System:

  • Loss of bone mineral substance and increase the incident of fracture
  • Straightforwardly affected on bone digestion.
  • Decrease the production of bone forming cell activity so that they make less bone.
  • Increased risk of back pain and degenerative disc disease.
  • Circuitous activities on sex and adrenocortical hormones, nutrient D, intestinal calcium ingestion, vessels and oxygen supply.

Smoking effect on Musculoskeletal System:

  • Harm DNA in men's sperm, which can cause an expanded danger of fruitlessness.
  • Influence the improvement and nature of sperm, decline the sperm count and decrease the volume of semen
  • Harm hereditary material in sperm cells.
  • Vasospasm (brief narrowing of the penile supply routes) which can also impact blood flow to the penis, thus smoking can lead to erectile dysfunction / impotence problem, which can kill your sexual desire and can impact on major health diseases.

Smoking Effect on Female’s Reproductive System:

  • Regenerative life hindrance
  • Higher infertility fear
  • Lower IVF achievement rates
  • Lower probability of clinical pregnancy
  • Higher threat of unnatural birth cycle and ectopic pregnancy

Smoking effect on Integumentary System (Mainly Hair, Nail and Skin):


  • Skin dicoloration, wrinkles, and untimely maturing.
  • Decline the production of collagen
  • This is charge of skin’s flexibility.
  • Seem to have an orange or diminish skin tone because of the lessening the oxygen level in skin
  • Increase the skin maturing process


  • Nicotine give yellow stains both the nail and surrounding nail bed
  • Due to the reduction oxygen level nail slow development, delicate, dry, split, snared, and stripping nails.


  • Hair development cycle is interfered.
  • Harm to DNA of the hair follicle
  • Smoking cause shrinking blood vessels and impeding in blood flow
  • Hair development cycle is interfered
  • Harm hair follicles and harm hormones.

Addicted to Smoking! Quit it today! Tips and Remedies:

  • Make a plan for stop smoking
  • Take help of non-nicotine medicine such as Champix, Bupron or Naltima for quit smoking.
  • Stay activate with any activity like
  • To take help with nicotine replacement therapy.
  • Attempt elective treatments
  • Take a healthy food
  • You can also use to e- cigarette for quit smoke