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Extra Super Avana

Extra Super Avana
Extra Super Avana
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Extra Super Avana (avanafil and dapoxetine)

Extra Super Avana stands out in the global market as the best ED tablet, helping millions of men to treat sexually related diseases such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems. If you are looking for the same medicine in the market to get rid of ED and PE problems, choose Extra Super Avana drug only.

What is Extra Super Avana?

  • Extra Super Avana tablet has two unique active compounds, including avanafil and dapoxetine.
  • The two components work differently to help men get rid of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation conditions.
  • The medicine also aids men in achieving increased sexual stimulation and maintaining an erection for a longer duration.
  • It also helps to overcome premature ejaculation issues immediately.
  • The ED tablet is also for the treatment of premature ejaculation and prevents the failure of an erection. It also helps hold a proper erection for the required period and treats sexual illness.
  • An interesting feature of this generic ED medicine, helps men attain sufficient erections that lead to getting promoted sexual performance and performing sexual intercourse for a longer period with partners.
  • Using this ED pill, men can stick to sexual activity and continue without breaking their erections.

Benefits of Extra Super Avana

Extra Super Avana provides plenty of benefits at a time, and such pros are as follows:

  • Extra Super Avana contains two natural elements in the medicine such as avanafil and Dapoxetine.
  • The medicine is prescribed for men to help treat ED or erectile dysfunction and PE or premature ejaculation at the same time.
  • It is an FDA-approved drug that is all clinically tested and then brought on the market for retail.
  • The medication provides a long duration of maintainable erections to every man.
  • Every man can enjoy this ED pill's benefits when suffering from serious ED and PE conditions.
  • The drug is a great solution to ED and PE issues.
  • Extra Super Avana tablets are available all over the online market at cost-effective rates.
  • The medicine has no such health complication problems, so men can use this medicine only if the doctor recommends it to them.

How Does Extra Super Avana Work?

  • Extra Super Avana is recommended as the most effective ED medicine and oral solution for ED and PE disorders.
  • The medicine starts functioning by relaxing the deep smooth muscles and promoting increased blood flow into the penile area. This helps men to acquire a good amount of erection with sexual stimulation.
  • Extra Super Avana ED medicine comes with Avanafil and Dapoxetine active compounds, and it is a type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor.
  • However, the nitric oxide substance is produced in the penile tissue during the sexual stimulation process; thus, it activates the enzyme magnificently.
  • Although, at the same time, this enzyme increases the chemical levels known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP).
  • After that, it soothes the blood vessels to the penile function, stuffs the erectile cavernous body with blood, and promotes enough erections.

Dosages (overdose/missed dose)

  • Swallow the tablet for 40 minutes with a glass of water
  • One tablet is needed every day and does not extend its quantity
  • Ingest the Extra Super Avana tablet on an empty stomach
  • Taking per day is mandatory to get better results
  • Regular consumption of ED medicine improves your erection levels


Overdose of medicine constantly leads to certain health risks and complications, so do not extend your dose more than a doctor prescribes it.

Missing Dose

Missing a tablet dose does not provide sufficient erections and leads to losing erections many times. So, do not forget to take this ED pill on time.

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Precautions and Warnings of Extra Super Avana

  • Patients suffering from allergy problems should stay from this ED tablet and consult a doctor.
  • High and low blood pressure patients should not take Extra Super Avana tablets.
  • Alcohol and grapefruit juice are prohibited with this medication.
  • Check the liver, kidney, or heart-related problems, and do not take the ED pill when you have such issues.
  • If you are already a patient of other health conditions, ask a doctor about this health issue and then take medicine if a doctor recommends you.

Extra Super Avana Reviews

As per Extra Super Avana Reviews, this ED tablet is an effective ED, and the PE pill works as the best sex drive booster medicine for men. If you are looking for ED and PE tablets together, none is better than Extra Super Avana medication.

How long do the effects of Extra Super Avana last?

The Extra Super Avana tablet results last around 4 to 5 hours in your body.


Is it safe to take Extra Super Avana for ED and PE problems together?

Yes, the Extra Super Avana is intended for both treatments of ED and PE. It is safe to take both treatments.

Can I take alcohol and grapefruit juice with Extra Super Avana?

No, it is restricted; the doctor never recommends you take Extra Super Avana tablets with alcohol and grapefruit juice together. It is extremely harmful, so avoid these drinks always.

Are there any food restrictions with Extra Super Avana?

Most of all, you should not drink alcohol Extra Super Avana tablet results in the side effects of dizziness, drowsiness, and other severe health complications. Do not take heavy meals while taking this medicine.

What should I do when I miss the dosage of Extra Super Avana?

Missing dosage is not a good habit for people, but in case or by mistake you forget or miss the medication so, you can take it suddenly when you remember it.

How long does it take for Extra Super Avana to work?

Generally, after medicine consumption, it starts working in 15 minutes. Thus, you need to wait for at least 20 minutes of sexual intercourse after the medicine intake.

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