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Arimidex (Generic)

Arimidex (Generic)
Arimidex (Generic)
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Arimidex (Generic)
Arimidex (Generic)
Arimidex (Generic)
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Table Of Contents:

  1. What Arimidex (Generic) and how it works?
  2. What you need to know before taking Arimidex (Generic)?
  3. Warnings and precautions
  4. Interaction with other medicines ?
  5. How to use Arimidex (Generic)
  6. How long does the therapy take?
  7. Some Major side effects of Arimidex (Generic)
  8. Very common side effects of Arimidex (Generic) Tablet

What Arimidex (Generic) and How it works?

  • Arimidex (Generic) contains the active substance anastrozole.
  • Arimidex (Generic) is used to treat breast cancer in women after menopause.
  • Arimidex (Generic) works by reducing the amount of estrogen produced in your body.
  • Arimidex (Generic) should not be given to children and adolescents.

What you need to know before taking Arimidex (Generic)?

Do not take Arimidex (Generic) If you are allergic to anastrozole or any of the other ingredients of this medicine

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Warnings and Precautions

  • Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse before taking Arimidex (Generic):
  • if menstruation is still coming and menopause has not yet appeared.
  • if you are taking medicines that contain tamoxifen or estrogen-containing medicines
  • if you suffer from osteoporosis.

Interaction with Other Medicines ?

  • Do not take Arimidex (Generic) if you are already taking any of the following medicines:
  • Medicine used to treat breast cancer , like tamoxifen
  • Medicine containing estrogen used e in hormone replacement
  • Precaution is needed if you are using or have been using the following medicines:
  • Medications that contain gonadorelin, buserelin, goserelin, leuprorelin, and triptorelin.

How to use Arimidex (Generic)

  • The recommended dose is one tablet once a day.
  • Swallow the tablet whole with a water, preferably during and after meals.
  • You can take Arimidex (Generic) before, during and after meals.

How long does the therapy take?

  • This is a long-term treatment so you can take Arimidex (Generic) for several years.
  • Some Major side effects of Arimidex (Generic)
  • Stop taking Arimidex (Generic) and seek medical advice immediately if you experience it following serious but very rare side effects:
  • Very severe skin reactions with skin ulcers or blisters. Known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
  • Allergic reactions (hypersensitivity reactions) accompanied by swelling of the neck and leading to difficulties breathing and swallowing known as angioedema.

Very common side effects of Arimidex (Generic) Tablet

  • Headache.
  • Hot flushes.
  • Nausea.
  • Skin rash.
  • Inflammation of the joints
  • Feeling weak.
  • osteoporosis
  • Increased or high levels of fatty substances known as cholesterol in the blood. This can be proven during a blood checkup.
  • Feeling sleepy.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (tingling, pain, cold, weakness in the wrist).
  • Tickling, tingling or numbness of the skin, loss of appetite.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Changes in blood test results for liver function.
  • Hair loss (alopecia).
  • Allergic reactions (hypersensitivity) involving the face, lips, and tongue.
  • Bone pain.
  • Sheath dryness.
  • Uterine bleeding (usually during the first few weeks of treatment). If the bleeding lasts longer consult a doctor.
  • Muscle pain.
  • Inflammation of the liver (hepatitis).
  • Urticaria and urticaria-like rash.

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