• There is no single recipe or method in life that works well in every situation. The different situation demands a different approach to adapt to it and make it better. But when it comes to sex, not many people believe so, they are more likely comfortable with what they are enjoying and don't want to try new sex positions during their pleasurable time. But, just like any other thing, sex too requires newness to make it more enjoyable and novel, or else it doesn’t take much time when things start getting boring in the bedroom.
  • Sex is not just about orgasm and making love with your partner; it is a never-ending experience that needs more practice and newness to master it. When it comes to trying new sex positions in bed, most of the people are afraid to do so, because they believe it might hurt their partner or won't stimulate their current experience. But there are sex positions for high sex drive that results in enjoying your pleasurable time more erotic. 

  • Below mentioned are some best sex positions to try while making love with your partner in the bedroom that will surely enhance your sensual orgasm and help you in making intimate sex. These different sex positions are safe and surely worth a try. For best orgasm you can try Lidocaine Gel / Lidocaine Spray this both can spice up your intimacy.  

10 Best Sex Positions of All the Times [Hot & Spicy]

  1. Doggy Style Sex Position

doggy sex position is one of the most sensual and intimate sex position that is worth giving a try in the bedroom. It not only allows for more natural G-spot stimulation but also gives you a perfect and comfortable angle for making love to your partner. All you have to do is kneel your partner behind you and get on all the four on the ground. It is as simple as it sounds and further, stimulating the clitoris with one hand will enhance erotic pleasure more.

  1. Butterfly Style Sex Position

If you want more passionate and sensual sexual pleasure, then consider trying the butterfly sex position. It is very easy for girls and works not only in bed but also on the table if you want more intimacy with your partner. Just put the hand under the girls' hip and lift it upwards. Rest the thighs on the men's chest and place the ankles over the shoulder. It is an exciting position that is comfortable with pillows or cushions.

  1. Wheelbarrow Sex Position

If you are tired of making love in bed lying down and want something more engaging, then try out wheelbarrow. It is an excellent standing sex position that is easy to make out anywhere in the room. Just get your hands down and grip your partner’s waist with your thighs and let your partner pick you up by the pelvis. You can even try this resting on the table or somewhere more pleasant. A wheelbarrow is an intimating standing sex position that is male-dominating.

  1. Ballet Dancer Sex Position

A ballet dancer is an exciting sex position for beginners that gives you a touch of dancing while making love to your partner. All you have to do is just stand on one foot and wrap the other leg around the waist of your partner and make a ballet pose. It is intimating and allows you to talk to your partner during sex. You can also do clitoral stimulation to make it more interesting. 

  1. Missionary Sex Position

Missionary is a relaxed sex position that is more versatile and simple to try even for the first time. Just lie down on the bed and have your partner facedown on top of you. To make it more fun, you can change the angles of your legs and even rub your clitoris for more orgasm. You can also prop a pillow underneath your butt and lift your hips to make more sensation. It is one of the best sex positions to try.

  1. Cross-Booty Sex Position

Cross-Booty is a crazy sex position that makes you feel your partner's body in motion and allows you to enjoy more while making love. Suppose you have tried the missionary style earlier, then it easy to make out this. Just enter the missionary style and slowly drift away from the chest and legs to make an "X" symbol. It is more intimidating than missionary as it allows your partner to have more thrust and can penetrate harder.

  1. Golden Arch Sex Position

The golden arch is one of the best sex positions for women. It is as erotic and passionate as it sounds. Sit with straight legs on top of your partner and bent the knees on top of thighs leaning back slowly. It gives more control over each other and allows your partner to do deeper penetration. You can also rub the clitoris for extra G-spot stimulation.

  1. Cowgirl Style Sex Position

Cowgirl is a woman intimidating position that is exciting and easy. Just make your partner lie down on the bed and sit on top of him. It is simple to make and gives you a better look and feel of your partner's body while making love. You can entice your partner or kiss her more erotically while squeezing and releasing your muscles for more fun. It is a fun sex position to try.

  1. Oral Sex / Foreplay

If you want to make love during pregnancy and want to try out a pregnant sex position, then oral sex positions are worth giving a try. It is safe and allows you to connect with your partner more intimately and build up a sensuous outer course. Sit on the bed and place pillows for the support while your partner gives you a pleasant erotic oral stimulation. You can club this with vibrator for more orgasm and penetration.

There are dozens of oral sex positions that give you the cunnilingus and boost your pleasure. You can also make your distinctive position as per your comfort and orgasm. Oral sex positions are always fun to get started and for foreplay.

  1. Flatiron Sex Position

Flatiron is a new sex position to try if you want some newness in your relationship. Get on top of your partner while she's lying down on the bed. You can also use pillows for support underneath the pelvis as she closes her legs and you gently give thrust for orgasm. It is intimating and allows you to stimulate the clitoris for more penetration and fun.

Which New Sex Positions will you try next?

Trying out new sex positions not only enhances the excitement in the relationship, but it also allows you to understand your partner in a better way. Sex isn’t just about making love to your partner; it is about creating a new experience altogether with your partner while practicing new sex positions. There are dozens of sex positions to try, from sex positions for the small penis to sex positions for beginners. Sex is an eternal pleasure that allows you to explore your body and spend some intimate time with your partner.